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Our standard website packages include the homepage by default. Additional pages might include 'about us', or a price list of the services you offer. Essential ecommerce pages and blog posts do not count as extra pages. Get in touch with us to discuss what counts as an extra page if you're not sure.
How many products do you need us to add to your ecommerce site? This is a one-time cost. You can also add products yourself.
100% Full-Service (monthly fee only)
The best value. Unlimited free content updates. Free design refresh/overhaul every 30 months. Website monitoring, traffic reports. Free SEO, branding, and web presence analysis and consult. Top-priority support by email or phone. No large initial payments - only one monthly fee that includes everything.
Hosting/Setup Only (initial fee + monthly fee)
We provide the design, setup and hosting. You will maintain the site yourself or pay us by the hour for any work needed.
Design Only (initial fee only)
We provide the design only. You will need to set up the site with a hosting company and maintain it yourself.
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